Paper Bas-Relief


Roland Baladiのレリーフ作品を参考に紙でレリーフを制作。光源の方向によって絵が見えたり見えなかったりします。モデルはJohn Lydon。制作:約4時間。元の写真が黒っぽいと切る所が多くなって大変なので、次回は白背景にする。

relief relief relief

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3 Responses to “Paper Bas-Relief”

  1. Brad Zeeff Says:

    Do you know who the artist is that did this Paper Bas-Relief?

    This is beautuful and I would like to make contact with the artist.

    Thank You

    Brad Zeeff

  2. Jason Says:

    Is this Roland Baladi’s work? Does anyone know when he completed this?

  3. 24kg Says:

    I made this.

    Thank You

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